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04/28/2022 Home Movie Transfer

Miguel created a beautiful and fun slideshow for my teenage daughter's birthday. He was pleasant to work with, professional, and even completed the slideshow a week early. I would definitely work with Miguel again and highly recommend Jax. Home Video Studio!

- Emily Albritton from Jacksonville

12/21/2021 Home Movie Transfer

I had a bunch of old 8mm reels that I needed transferred to digital media. I brought them over and Home Video Studio did a wonderful job transferring them and putting them to music. They came out great. I couldn't be happier!

- Shari Gorczyca from Port Saint Lucie

06/11/2018 Video to DVD

I was apprehensive about leaving my family videotapes containing hours of family memories in someone else's hands. After reading the good reviews I felt a little more comfortable visiting Home Video Studios. I'm glad I did. The minute we walked in Miguel greeted us and made us feel at home. The environment of the place and the confidence he inspires were enough for my wife and me to know that we would be in good hands. He is a God-fearing man, and he's not afraid to give a testimony of it. The DVD's and the digital copies came out very good, and the original tapes were intact. Thank you.

- Olmes Corrales from Jacksonville

05/06/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Migual did a great job, very professional, and timely. They were very helpful, and guided me through the process. I like how they call you back, answer questions, and have good integrity. I highly recommend them.

- Lisa Almeida from Jacksonville

04/05/2017 Video to DVD

They said it couldn't be done! On Monday, I over-nighted a video presentation to a client in Jacksonville, but felt it needed more work. By refining and sending it electronically Tuesday, I could still make the Wednesday morning deadline. Staples referred me to Miguel at Home Video Studio and he made that happen! He worked with me and my editor into the wee hours of Wednesday morning and made sure the DVD was in the lawyer's hands before his case was called. That's how you do business! Find a way to get it done and you can name your price. There are tons of these stores in Atlanta, but when I can, I'll be using Home Video Studio!

- Lyn Vaughn from Atlanta, GA

03/13/2017 35mm slide transfer

I can't even begin to thank you enough for saving my parent's memories. We were able to get all 3,000+ pictures on a sd card for them to view on a digital picture frame. When they were in slide format, they were rarely able to view them when they were new, let alone over the past 30 years! We surprised them with the digital frame over the weekend. It is truly a blessing to watch them enjoying the pictures and the fond memories they bring back. Thank you for the preservation of memories, specially as my parents age and their memories begin to fade, you have brought new life to them. Thank you!!!

- Stephanie from Jacksonville

02/11/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Its about time we have a professional AV service here. We are totally happy with the work and service we recieved. Highly recommended. You wont be sorry.

- Doug from Jax

02/11/2017 Home Movie Transfer

The Home Video Studio did a wonderful job of saving my memories that I cherish, from the traditional way of making movies :camcorder 8mm. They were able to transfer my many videos to DVD status . Their work was very professional and they were exceptional with their services. I would recommend anyone that has memorable videos or photo transfer to them .They are awesome and I would use them again! Thanks again for all you do!

- Dahlia from Jacksonville

02/11/2017 Video Services

Went to Miguel to get together a slide presentation for my mom's celebration. It was last minute and Miguel and Robin went out of their way to get it done. The job they did was awesome and could not have been any better. Thanks again.

- Yosarian from Jacksonville

02/11/2017 35mm slide transfer

Thanks Miguel for preserving my hubby's family memories for generations to come! I highly recommend everyone take the plunge and get those tapes out of the closet!!

- Michelle from St Augustine

02/11/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Miguel and Home Video Studio transferred a recording, from a 45, that my father sent to my mother when he was in the Navy. Did a great job, especially for a recording that was 60 years old. Highly recommend Miguel.

- Michael from Ponte Vedra

02/09/2017 Audio Tape Transfer

When I discovered audio tapes of my grandfather that I did not know I had, I contacted Miguel at Home Video Studio. These 50 year old tapes had to be handled with much care and they certainly were. Miguel did a superb job and I would certainly recommend his work. Now I can enjoy listening to my grandfather's voice again when, at least in this lifetime, I did not know would happen.

- Alan from Florida

02/09/2017 Video to DVD

I was beyond overjoyed to find this company who could help me get some twenty two year old DVD footage transferred to archival DVD, especially so since I had already been told it couldn't be done due to mold. I had lost several family members and can now see these priceless memories whenever I want and hear the voices of my children. Imemories company broke my heart but I'm so glad Home Video Studio accepted the challenge. They take pride in their work,it was under twenty dollars, and I had my DVD ready in two days. You'll feel secure leaving your treasures with them.

- Crystal Hall from Jacksonville

06/13/2016 Photo Videos

I want to thank you and to tell you that your beautiful video was a real hit with my husband and family. I had 50 guests all who asked WHERE AND WHO DID THIS VIDEO. I passed out all the cards I had and then I started writing your number and email address on the back of my own card. Absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for meeting our time requirements, you kindness to make changes, and your staff. Please send me the video by email so I can have it in my system. Thank you so very very much and you have not seen the last of me. Take care and please tell your lovely wife it was a pleasure to meet her and if you ever need an apprentice, my son would happily work work to learn!!!


05/04/2016 Video Services

You guys did a great job on my video. The service was outstanding and I appreciate it.

- Allan Minter from Ponte Vedra

04/15/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Hi Miguel, Wanted to drop you a quick note about how pleased I was with the 8mm transfers you did for me back in Dec. The quality of the transfers is amazing. I gave you something like 77 reels of 8mm of what I would consider sacred footage that could never be replace and now preserved so well digitally. I've been editing them into episodes for family member consumption and that's been a slow and fun process. Just wanted to send out a big thank you. This has been such a neat gift for all of my family. So glad I took the films to you folks. Take care,

- Karl from Jacksonville

04/06/2016 Video to DVD

We have been enjoying viewing our old family movies after having them transferred to DVD's! Thank you!

- Eva from Ponte Vedra Beach

02/18/2016 Photo Videos

I would like to send a super special Thank you to Miguel @ Home Video Studio. I contacted him at the very last possible minute to do a slideshow for a memorial and he was able to accommodate my request and did a superb job. He exceeded my expectations and everyone at the service was absolutely impressed. After another person who was going to do the slideshow backed out, Miguel was there! Our entire family thanks you so much for making this last minute sacrifice for a such an important event.

- Tressa from Jacksonville

01/19/2016 Video to DVD

Thank you so much for helping us put together our old tapes into a easy to use DVD format. We invited the family in and had a very fun family night. Quality and professionalism was very high and I would have no issue recommending your services. Thanks

- Brian Paul from St. Augustine

01/09/2016 Video to DVD

I found some old VHS tapes that I could not even watch anymore from back when my now 24 year-old daughter was about 3 years old. I took it to HVS and they did a phenomenal job. The quality and customer service was excellent and I was able to add it to my daughter's Christmas gifts. We treasure those memories and I will be using Miguel's service again. I highly recommend Home Video Studio!

- Jose from Jacksonville

12/28/2015 Photo Videos

Hello Miguel, Thank you for creating a video for my 50th Birthday event, what a amazing job to put together my Life in three Phases. I would and I have recommended Home Video Studio to several people. If you're looking for someone to create any video I suggest you don't walk, but run to be next in Line, for an Amazing Video. I Thank you!

- Latrena from Jacksonville

12/18/2015 Video to DVD

I had years worth of videos of my children all on old VHS tapes but with no way to watch them. Thanks to Miguel, our family's memories have now been transferred to DVDs so we can enjoy viewing them again!

- Sherry from Saint Augustine

11/15/2015 Video Services

I met Miguel when I needed a professional to transfer media from my camera to a DVD format plus I had video and pictures that needed transferring to DVD for a customer. Miguel save me time with his knowledge, professionalism and friendliness. Miguel not only took on the project of transferring my pictures and videos to DVD's but did it as promised and I continue to take my business to him. If you need video editing or production Miguel is your man, he will not disappoint and will make you feel very welcome with his positive and can do attitude."

- James from ORANGE PARK

04/29/2015 Video to DVD

After reviewing the transferred products, I was very pleased with the finished product. My recommendation would be to have your memories transferred sooner than later. I have more audio/video transfers and I will look to Home Video Studio to handle the services.

- Ron Moore from Jacksonville

02/20/2015 Video to DVD

I had three VHS tapes transferred to DVDs. Miguel did an excellent job and it was such a blessing to be able to see memories from almost two decades ago! He not only was very professional but very speedy at completing the project. I highly recommend him for any video needs! I will be a returning customer for sure!

- Brenda from Ponte Vedra Beach

01/13/2015 Video to DVD

Thanks for your help, Miguel! I want everyone to know that I took a 20 year old broken VHS cassette to you and you copied the home videos onto 3 DVD's, fixing the tracking and improving the quality. We will have more for you! Thanks Again

- Tom Duran from Jacksonville Beach

01/06/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I can't sing the praises enough for Miguel and his team! We entrusted them with the 50-year-old 8 mm film of our family's priceless home videos to convert them to DVD. He and the team did a great job and delivered them when promised, and without damaging our original film. I was able to show the movies to my family at Christmas, which was the best present I could have given them! Thank you, Miguel!

- Mark C. from Jacksonville

01/03/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio rocks! We have had our wedding video converted to dvd and wow! Since the advent of dvd's we no longer have a vcr so our wedding viideo was collecting dust! Now we can enjoy it anytime! Highly recommend Home Video Services!!

- Anney from Jacksonville Beach

12/19/2014 Video to DVD

Miguel is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. He has provided me with Video to DVD transfers to help preserve important memories. The quality is good and the turnaround time is very reasonable. I will continue to use his services to convert my library!

- Joanne from Jacksonville Beach

12/15/2014 Video to DVD

Miguel at Home Video Studio has been working with us to transfer our old cassette tapes and VHS to CDs. All of these hold precious memories of our eight, now grown, grandchildren. When we received the finished product from Miguel for the first time we were "Wowed". The reproductiion was excellant and his special touches added to our family holidays. We are extremely pleased with his work and would recommend him highly.

- Amanda from Ponte Vedra

12/09/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Friendly, professional, enthusiastic and detail oriented are all adjectives to describe Miguel at Home Video Studio. Your work will be in good hands. Miguel did an awesome job with transferring all our old VHS tapes to DVD. He not only does great work but is customer oriented in always making sure his customer is happy. You will not be sorry for choosing Home Video Studio for all your video needs. The result will be a pleasant experience and quality work!

- Michele from Jacksonville

11/20/2014 Video to DVD

Miguel was very helpful in getting our project done in a timely and professional manner. We highly recommend the services of Home Video Studio. Very knowledgable, allowing for piece of mind. Thanks

- Kevin from Jacksonville

08/14/2014 Video Services

We highly recommend Miguel to anyone looking to have video services done. He is professional, honest,dependable, and works with your deadlines. He dubbed our independent film from a flash drive to DVD/ Bluray and the quality was amazing! When you work two years on a project you want to turn it over to someone professional you can trust, and Miguel is the best in Jax!!!

- Adam Hartle from Jacksonville

07/30/2014 Video Services

Miguel ROCKS! Had a home video burned to 12 DVDs. The night before the big reveal to a full house I decided to take a look at one of the DVDs. YIKES! Not one of the DVDs worked. PANIC set in... my wife is going to kill me! Quick.... GOOGLE it! Home Video Studio came up. Called the number and it was Miquel. They were closed. Explained the situation and Miguel came back into the office and saved the day! Now thats awesome customer service. Thanks Miguel! You have a customer for life :-)

- Chris from Jacksonville

06/04/2014 Video to DVD

Miguel at Home Video Studio is the greatest person to work with. He copied a high school softball team video for me and was able to enhance the color so it was sharper and clearer than the original. He also added chapter lists and cover pages and he made sure that I was pleased with the results. All our former players who attended a 20-year reunion party got copies of the video and they WERE THRILLED. Thanks Miguel!! You made a lot of people very happy!!!!

- Kathy Kesler from Jacksonville

05/19/2014 Video Services

Home Video Studio is the best! When my mom passed away, I needed an old video refurbished and cleaned up for her funeral. Needless to say it had to be done quickly. Miguel took the reins and made a video that brought tears to everyone's eyes. He stayed late at night and put in many hours to make sure that it was perfect. He even added special menus, music and fade in/outs. It was perfect. I would recommend Miguel to anyone for video services. His price was fair and his professionalism outstanding. Thanks for making a difficult time more bearable, Miguel.

- Bonnie Carter from Atlantic Beach

03/05/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Hi Miguel! Very happy to hear from you!! As you may have guessed, I am up to my neck working on my Preoperative Anxiety Thesis so I can graduate in June. Your DVD was a TOTAL SUCCESS not only with my professor ( got an A, by the way on the project:)))--, but it was also a success with the patient population at Flagler Palm Coast Hospital. The patients love it and is helping me tremendously in creating awareness about the need of a preoperative clinic. Your professionalism and attention to detail made it possible for me to advance in my Doctorate journey. Belinda and I want to thank you and your staff from the bottom of our hearts for a JOB WELL DONE!! God Bless you and your loved ones today and always!! I will be seeing you in July to bring you the VHSs which I want to convert to DVDs. Take care! Very Thankfully!!!! Ozzie

- Ozzie from St. Augustine

10/17/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I recently acquired 8mm reels of family childhood memories. Miguel, at Home Video Studio, did an excellent job of transferring these movies from reels to DVDs for me and my five siblings. I also had cassettes of my mother telling her life story that he was able to transfer to CD's for all of us. He produced quality recordings for each of us to have as keepsakes of our younger years and of our mother's life story in her own voice. I was impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail. I would recommend Home Video Studio to anyone who may be in need of similar services.

- Joyce from Jacksonville

03/23/2013 Home Movie Transfer

This was our first time at converting old films to DVD’s. We really did not know how to do this and got lucky at finding Miguel in Jacksonville. We got to his office with the old tapes and nothing more. Miguel took us through everything—the type of films, the DVD format, music (we had NO idea for music and Miguel took care of it…), the trailers (again, we knew nothing! Miguel took our materials and had they look very nice…) and the price. The cost of having it all done PLUS the additional copies we needed were still incredible inexpensive! We must say that Miguel is professional, caring and kind. We have a new batch of films and would ONLY work with Miguel! Tom & Laura

- Tom & Laura from St. Augustine

12/06/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Miguel did a great job restoring and transferring very old film to video; reasonably priced, fast worker, & great customer service (he came to me). I did not know he was going to put music in the background - so decide up-front if that is what you want. I would have like to have been involved in the editing - but I know that would have been impossible. I would use his service again and I highly recommend him

- Marty from Jacksonville

11/14/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Miguel was professional, courteous, and outstanding to work with. He did a short turnaround time for several huge film reels in time for me to watch them with my mom and dad before I deployed to the Middle East last Thanksgiving. He made my last few days in the States that much better. Always a pleasure to do business with him. Coming back to him for slide film conversions and more home movies that I find!

- Charles from Jacksonville

11/06/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Miguel did a wonderful job transferring years of family trips, our wedding, and other vacation footage from Mini-DV tapes to DVD. He gave great customer service, even calling me when the job was all done to coordinate pick-up. I would definitely work with him again!!! Thanks Miguel!

- Steven from St. Augustine

07/10/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Dear Miguel, The DVD arrived and we have had many good laughs during the viewing. I was laughing so hard, I could not see the screen through my tears. They will be great birthday gifts for my siblings. I was pleasantly surprised by the condition of the reel. It had been stored away for about 50 years. If more reels are given to me, I will contact you again. Sincerely, Bonnie

- Bonnie from Key West, Fl

02/13/2012 Video to DVD

Miguel, Thank you so much for your wonderful work. I have watched a few of them (dvd's) and I am so happy with them. I have one friend that should be contacting you soon. Take care and I will call you whenever I need your services. Have a great weekend! KIM

- Kim from Jacksonville

12/20/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I turned 91 old 8mm family home movies dating from 1967 to 1972 over to Miguel to convert to DVDs. I ended up with almost 6 hours of video. The quality is superb. The color in the videos is enhanced and looks vibrant. Most of the "scratches" were cleaned up and removed. Miguel did an excellant job. I had a total of 4 copies made and presented them to my siblings as a Christmas present. There was a lot of laughter and tears shared when we sat and watched them together. Thank you Migual for helping to preserve my family's most precious memories. God bless.

- BeckyD from Jacksonville, FL

09/28/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Miguel, Just a quick note to let you know you did an awesome job with the video. We really love the way you set everything up (the opening scene with the old projector is really cool!), edited the clips and added the music. I only wish we had more film! We have a bunch of VHS tapes of our kids that we'll probably have converted so we'll be in touch again soon. Thanks again. Warm regards, Doug

- Doug from Jacksonville

05/09/2011 Video to DVD

Hi Miguel, Thank you for the follow-up and your continued diligence in help me with this project. I must tell you, Miguel, that it is a joy to work with such a fine professional and a caring person like you. I assure you, henceforth, with any project I undertake (and hopefully they will be numerous over the coming years) and anyone whom I know that needs AV services, you will always be my first resource and referral. Thank you for everything and I look forward to reviewing the remaining jpgs series as soon as you have them ready. Have a wonderful weekend, Lou

- Lou Catania from Jacksonville

03/07/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Hello Miguel, I just wanted to personally send a thank you for getting those movies to us on Saturday. The party was a big success and my mother was extremely happy that we were able to put the old movies on a dvd. They really turned out great and it was so much nicer not having to change the reel out every five minutes. If I hear of anyone that is looking to get it done in the future, I will refer them to you. Thanks again for all your help, Sincerely, Gary

- Gary from Jacksonville

02/17/2011 Sports Scholalship

Miguel and his team did a wonderful job with our son's sports video. The service was excellent and the quality of the video exceeded our expectations. I will certainly contact Home Video Studio for any future video services needed.

- Diane Streets-Jackson from Jacksonville

08/18/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Migel is great. He was flexible, fast and courteous. I will use Home Video Studio again next time I have a need!

- Linda Davis O'Connell from Jacksonville

07/13/2010 Home Movie Transfer

We had three different jobs for Home Video Studio in the past months and all three of them were completed to our full satisfaction. Miguel is very professional, competent and focused on customer service.

- Tiana from Jacksonville

04/06/2010 Home Movie Transfer

I had some old hi-8 tapes that were showing signs of degradation. Miguel did an excellent job of transfering my tapes over to DVD without any signs of degradation i had previously observed. I would highly recommend Miguel for any video needs.

- Kevin McCabe from Saint Augustine

01/31/2010 Home Movie Transfer

I had 20 yeasr of my Dad's old home movie collection and spoke with a few other businesses and found Miguel's service to be the best in North Florida! He stayed on top of the progress and even deivered the package personally. I highly recommend Miguel's services.

- Jerry Billings from ST Augustine Beach

12/09/2009 Sports Scholalship

Miguel Salas worked with me on producing a video for my football teams football banquet. The final video DVD was awesome and he posted it to the web as well. I highly recommend Miguel and Home Video Studio for any of your video needs

- Coach Josh Alexander from St Augustine, Fl

11/14/2009 Home Movie Transfer

I was very pleased with my recent service from Home Video Studio. I had several betamax home videos converted to DVD, and they turned out very well. Miguel was very friendly and almost as excited as I was to convert the videos to DVD. Thank you!

- Kari from Jacksonville

11/09/2009 Video to DVD

Miguel - Thanks again for your services. I really appreciate how you always answer your phone or get back to me quickly. In terms of the highlight DVD, it came out fantastic. The way you strategically placed the arrows was a terrific enhancement. The DVD & file link has had a great value in the college process and its priceless keep sake. Regards, Michael D'Errico

- Michael D'Errico from Ponte Vedra Beach

10/21/2009 Sports Scholalship

Miguel Salas worked with me over an eight week period producing a video for my sons football scholarship. Each week I would rush the highlights from that weeks game to Miguel and he would post highlights on the web that we could send to coaches. The final video on DVD and posted to the web was done very professionally. My son has three offers form the video posted and sent to coaches. It was especially nice to work with Miquel because he returned every call I made to him promptly and the few times I requested changes on work he already did he made the changes with out any fuss. I highly recommend Miguel and Home Video Studio for professional results!

- Steve Jones from St Augustine

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